These are the testimonies of the St. Anthony Parishioners that attended Youth Fest.

"If I gave them the first hand experience of what it meant to be close to the Blessed Mother and what it meant to have the zeal for eternal life, no homily could compare to the experience..." - Father Anthony

"It was an amazing experience and I think we all experienced the Blessed Mother in our own unique ways..." - Matthew

"You have to go to Medjugorje, that's it, you have to..." - Jude

"Mary didn't give us the Five Stones for no reason..." - Paige

"I'd never felt so at peace before and I definitely want to go again..." - Adeline

"When you are in a hole that deep, of anger and disbelief, never in a million years would I have thought that I would be so passionate about Jesus..." - Alayna

"She said 'before this we were totally different', and I think that I've just been changed so much..." - Sarah

Going through all of this at the age you all are now, will prepare you for the next chapters in life better, because you the added strength, you have the rosary to turn to..." - Dena

"What you experienced there, you experience everything there and greater right here in church everyday, because no matter how great that experience was it doesn't even come close to comparing to the Miracle in the Eucharist that we receive everyday in this church..." - Deacon Mike

"I feel like we all have our place in Medjugoje where we felt the most peace or just had some kind of great connection with and for me it was Apparition hill..." - Kelly

"There is nothing I can say to describe what's there, you just have to experience it." - Jacques

"I felt like I had been there forever and I would be there for ever..." - Lynn

"It was truly a 'Holy Sea' of young people...I have never seen so many young people praise God" - Denise

"Meghan's one thing was, especially about the Virgin Mary, She's your Mother, why would you not pray to her..." - Angie

As soon as [Mirjana] walked out she recognized me and she gave me a big hug and said 'Don't worry Meghan is with us.'" - Todd